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Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones provides supportive services to youth 25 and under facing homelessness in the Greater Nashua Area.  At the Stepping Stones drop-in center these young people meet their basic needs and get help planning their goals. In the Step Up independent living program, youth live on-site as they master the skills they need to become self-sufficient adults. 

Our Story

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There are around 400 unaccompanied youths that are currently homeless in Nashua alone. They have no safe place to go, and many live in tents on the banks of the Nashua river. Lucky kids drift from one friend’s house to another, or are taken in by a family member from time to time. But when luck turns, they are on their own. 


Many of these kids come from abusive homes, and have run away.  Some are “throwaways”, where their families have kicked them out. Others still have aged out of the foster care system. They have nowhere to go, and no one to turn to for help. The adults in their lives have failed them, and trust does not come easy. 


Homeless youths feel unsafe each and every night. Their few possessions may be stolen, drugs and alcohol are rampant, physical abuse, and sex trafficking are very real fears. These factors combined with their youth put them at an increased risk of mental illness, poor health, lacking education, becoming involved with criminal activity, or becoming a victim.  These kids are desperate for a way out. They long for a safe place to go, and they want to be able to help themselves because that is the only person they have been able to consistently rely on in the past. These kids want to work with others, not have things done for them.  They want to be part of their own solution.

See What is Happening at the Center

Our Solution

Stepping Stones provides a vital resource to homeless youth in New Hampshire by offering a safe haven where they can access resource to meet their basic needs. 

Our drop-in center provides a range of essential services including a place to rest, food, showers/bathrooms, storage facilities, and a listening ear. In addition to these foundational services, Stepping Stones has recently launched a new Independent Living Program to help homeless youth transition into self-sufficient, happy adults.


Through this program, youth can access personalized support services to help them become more independent, including assistance with job training, financial literacy, and housing placement. At Stepping Stones, we are committed to providing a supportive environment where homeless youth can thrive and access resources to help them achieve their goals.



  • Meals

  • A safe place to nap

  • Showers

  • Laundry

  • Clothing

  • Lockers for belongings

  • Computer access

  • Housing and career goal planning

  • Child care (while parent is in the building)

  • Assistance applying for state services (Medicaid, TANF, food stamps, etc.)

  • Enrichment and independent Living Classes

  • Mental Health and Substance abuse Support

  • High School or GED completion assistance

  • Job Preparation/interview skills

  • College admissions, financial aid, high school admissions, training programs, etc.

  • Mail stop/voice-mail/messages

The Facts

  • Approx. 400 reside in Nashua

  • Aging out of foster care is an extremely common cause

  • Many are running from abuse or have been cast out by guardians

  • Youth vastly prefer drop-in centers over shelters and feel more successful in such programs


Risk Factors

  • Without high school degree or GED: 346% more at risk

  • Unmarried parents: 200%

  • Household income less than 25k: 162%

  • LGBTQ+ : 120%

  • Black or African American: 83%

  • Non-white Hispanic: 33%



Success Stories

Since opening our doors in 2020

  • Average 210 visits to the drop-in center each month

  • More than 110 homeless youth served

  • 100% of our youth have clearly established goals

  • More than 20 have moved into places of their own.

  • Dozens more have started working or furthered their education

Youth Voice

"With Stepping Stones’s help I have gotten off the streets. I have my own apartment now. I have a job. I just got a car...If it wasn’t for you, I’d still be living under the bridge.”

"Even though being homeless isn't ideal, I don't ever have to be ashamed. Kathy helped me see homelessness as something to overcome"

Get Involved

Stepping Stones is a 501(c)3 non-profit and is funded entirely by grants and donations, all of which directly benefit young people with nowhere else to turn

Donations are a great way to change youth lives. Every little bit counts towards paving their path for a better tomorrow. You can donate online or by mail 


Help homeless youth rewrite their stories by becoming a monthly donor.

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Everyone has a story and for most of our youth their story has been challenging but they are working hard to rewrite those stories.

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