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Birthday Fundraiser

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Want to spread a little sunshine for your next trip around the sun? Considering hosting a birthday fundraiser for Stepping Stones! 

Many homeless youth have missed a few "happy" birthdays.  Stella is close enough in the housing process, that when her birthday rolled around she started to cross her fingers. "I really want to move in by my birthday!" she said. On her birthday, Stepping Stones celebrated with her. She got a cake to share with friends and some candles to blow out, but unfortunately her housing did not arrive in time. She spent that night in the shelter, hoping for her wish to come true by her next birthday. 

You can spread the joy of your birthday by giving your own wish away to youth like Stella.  Use this page to set up your birthday campaign and share it with friends and family ahead of your birthday. Asking people you care about to give to Stepping Stones is a great gift idea, because you know that it will help young people in Greater Nashua get jobs, further their education, and find housing.  By sharing your birthday fundraiser, you can make so many more wishes come true. 

Give it a shot….It’s easy!

  1. Set up your personal fundraising page.

  2. Ask your family, friends and coworkers to join you by creating their own fundraiser or giving to yours.

  3. Share your fundraising page via social media and email and you're on your way to helping homeless youth rewrite their stories!

  4. Just for fun: Take a selfie with your cup and use the hashtags #birthdayfundraiser #steppingstonesnh to help spread awareness!

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So many people want to get you something for your birthday, but if you are tired of material things taking up space in your home, consider asking them to donate to a cause you care about instead.
There's no better way to celebrate than by passing on some of your birthday joy to young people who need some of their own wishes to come true. 

Start Your Fundraiser Today!

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