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Who are the kids?

The biggest indicator of youth homeless is the lack of a basic education.  80% of these youth in NH have left school before graduating.  This leads to an inability to find livable wage jobs.  Low household income ties into this, as shown above.  Parenting youth is another huge factor, and can make it very difficult for these families to get up on their feet.  Youth that are Hispanic, Black and/or LGBT youth all have a higher risk of homelessness.

Stepping Stones can help in many ways.  Resources both in house and other community agencies can help with educational goals. Child care while parents are in the center gives them time to take a shower, do some homework, or talk about their goals.  Independent living skills will prepare them for finding and maintaining housing.

A community in itself, Stepping Stones welcomes all these youth, regardless or race, gender, sexual orientation, or other factors.  Respect in the center is for all - the youth, staff, volunteers and supporters.

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