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Become a Stepping Stones Champion

Everybody needs someone to stand up and cheer for them when times are tough, and Stepping Stones youth are no different. Become a Stepping Stones Champion by sharing our posts and fundraising campaigns on your feeds, so you and everyone who follows you can show support for these young people on as they work towards their goals. As a social media ambassador for Stepping Stones, you will play an important part of our mission to end youth homelessness. 

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Coffee For A Cause

Coffee for a Cause is a fundraiser asking you and your family, friend & co-workers to give up your coffee, tea or other “cup” for one day, one week, one month or anything in between, then donate what you would have spent to end youth homelessness. You can these youth by raising funds and spreading awareness by setting up a personal fundraising page and sharing it with friends and family through email and social media.

Give it a shot….It’s easy!

Image by Robert Anderson

Birthday Fundraiser

So many people want to get you something for your birthday, but if you are tired of material things taking up space in your home, consider asking them to donate to a cause you care about instead.There's no better way to celebrate than by passing on some of your birthday joy to young people who need some of their own wishes to come true. 

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