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Want to join our efforts but not sure where to start? Make a Donation and take advantage of this incredible opportunity to lend your support. It’s a great way to help homeless youth in our community, and every little bit counts towards paving the path for a better tomorrow.


One of the best things you can do is to sponsor a homeless youth.  A monthly gift will provide all the basic services a homeless youth needs to move their lives towards becoming happy, self-sufficient adults!

2021 Accomplishments


14 homeless youth now have their own apartments, and 6 more are ready to move on and are currently looking for apartments

Driver's Licenses

We had 3 youth who got their driver's license this year, and 4 more who are working towards that goal


10 of our youth furthered their education in some way. Example- online high school, GED or attending college or technical classes


18 of our youth are currently working, with several more working towards that goal

Health Insurance

9 of our youth have obtained health insurance

Drop-in center Visits

1500+ visits to the Stepping Stones Drop-In Center

Uplifted Youth