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How was Stepping Stones Born

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

I started Stepping Stones just over a year ago. My husband and I were foster parents for about ten years to just over 30 kids. Because we had all pre-school age kids, we worked a lot with the young parents. What we found is these young parents did not have the skills they needed to do "adulting", and often lost custody of their children.

Fast forward a few years, and I got involved with the homeless agencies in Nashua. There was almost nothing for services for homeless youth living on their own. They were in the same boat - no one to teach them the "adulting" skills they needed to be self-sufficient, and take care of themselves.

And so I gathered a few people who strongly supported this work, found a location, had many people who donated both the funds and items needed to open our doors and on December 1st of 2020, Stepping Stones started.

Now, it's just over a year later, and I am so proud of our youth who have worked hard to reach their goals. I am so thankful for our volunteers and supporters and everyone who has encouraged our youth and our work. Working together, we have done great things, with more to come!

Written by:

Kathy Farland

Executive Director - Founder

Stepping Stones

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