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Why Stepping Stones?

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Volunteering at Stepping Stones serves a real Community need for Nashua's homeless youth. Beginning to volunteer in May of last year, I found many ways to help including organizing a room with items for outfitting the first apartments, making beds, doing laundry, and occasionally taking a turn at the front desk.

It has been so rewarding to be part of a successful program that has helped youth continue their education, find housing, and employment.

The kids who come here want to get off the streets and establish a viable life for themselves.

I have often heard volunteers from various organizations say they get back so much and I agree. I have a renewed sense of community, made new friends, and just love my time at Stepping Stones. Director Kathy Farland has her eyes on the prize for these kids and continues to grow this ever-expanding program

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Stepping Stones

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