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You Can Provide a Safe Place For Homeless Youth


Change the life of a homeless youth

Making a monthly financial gift is the most effective way to join us in our mission to support homeless youth in our community. Your funds will go where they are most needed, helping us continue to provide resources to young people on their path to self-sufficiency.

Because of your generosity we were able to help over 55 homeless youth last year who made over 1500 visits to Stepping Stones in 2021.  We hope to double those numbers for 2022.

It costs just $5.00 a day to provide a safe, warm place for a homeless youth to get out of the weather, have a meal or grab a shower. A place for them to take advantage of resources to help them take the first steps on path to become self-sufficient adults. Will you help us reach our goal of having one hundred monthly donors join us in our mission to end youth homelessness? Become a Stepping Stones Rock Star today!


How can you help? 

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Stepping Stones is a drop-in center for youth experiencing homelessness. A place where they can always get the basics they need and someone to talk to. Stepping Stones offers homeless young adults a safe place where they can can move away from worrying about their safety, and start down the path towards becoming self-sufficient, happy adults. They can explore new ideas and access other resources like housing options, employment opportunities, furthering their education. Most of our youth are unaware of the programs and assistance that are available to them. 

Zach's Story

Zack came to Stepping Stones last winter, and he was living under a local bridge. He was just 18, had left an abusive home, and had nowhere to go.  


Today, Zack is living in his own apartment, has finished training to be an LNA and is working a part time job while he waits for his LNA license application to be processed.


He even passed his drivers test and got his license in the fall and was recently able to purchase a reliable vehicle. We are so proud of all Zack has accomplished.


Jane's Story

Jane first started using drugs at the age of 12. By the time she was in her early teens, she was addicted to cocaine. Her home life was extremely difficult, and this was her escape.

Jane is now 23, she was tired of her life and made the decision to turn her life around. She is now in treatment for her substance abuse disorder and has received her housing voucher. 

We are proud of Jane and all her hard work. 

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