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Step Up:
The Independent Living Program for Greater Nashua's Homeless Youth

From Homeless to Independent: Empowering Homeless Youth in Greater Nashua to Build Brighter Futures

Step Up is a live-in program for homeless youth in Greater Nashua to master independent living skills. Until now, youth made good progress through the Stepping Stones drop-in center, but the missing piece was a stable, consistent, safe place to live while they worked on their skills. With the addition of Step Up, homeless youth who are ready to take on the challenge of living in a space of their own have the opportunity to thrive in a mastery-based program that rewards their progress and challenges them to become a self-sufficient adult. 


In four steps, youth maintain their own space and grow in areas such as career development, healthy living, and community involvement. As they master required benchmarks in each step, they “Step Up” into more spacious accommodations and earn increased privileges. Each step also increases individual responsibility: more community involvement, more career options and stronger management of their finances. 


Upon graduation, participants will have earned a positive tenant reference, saved funds for a security deposit, and be making enough money to afford their own place. They will have learned to share responsibilities with a roommate, so they afford nicer housing. They will be able to take care of themselves and handle the responsibilities of adulthood–to be ready to live in their own place, and most importantly, leave homelessness behind them!

 Stepping Stones is supported by gifts from charitable foundations and community members. Your donation will help a homeless young person in your neighborhood Step Up into self-sufficiency. 

How does the Step Up Program Work?

The Step Up program will help 88 homeless, unaccompanied youth at a time transition out of homelessness. The access point for the program is the Stepping Stones drop-in center, and youth who choose to participate can move into the residence hall as soon as space is available.Check out our blog post "Why Youth: Step Up" to learn more about how the Step Up program works and how it helps homeless youth transition to independent living.

Stepping Stones' Step Up Program: Guiding Homeless Youth Towards Independence and Community Involvement

The Step Up program provides much more than just a place to live for homeless youth in the Greater Nashua area. Our team will offer coaching and support throughout the entire process of mastering independent living skills. Safety is our top priority with a substance-free campus and a focus on health through regular check-ups and important appointments. In addition, we encourage community involvement to help our youth build positive links in the community. Cooking skills are also developed as youth plan, shop, and prepare meals for their fellow residents. The drop-in center is only 7 minutes away from the residence halls. The bus comes right up to the gates, and youth can earn monthly bus passes.

Get Involved!



NH Gives is June 6th and 7th and Stepping Stones’s fundraising campaign this year is devoted to Step Up. You can help more than 60 youth make their way through the Step Up program. You can also give a charitable gift directly to Stepping Stones.



Program Supplies: We are still gathering necessary items for each of the bedrooms for steps 2 and 3. You can order items and have them shipped directly to the site. 

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Stepping Stones needs more volunteers to help run this program. Learn More by clicking below.

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