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At Stepping Stones, we believe in rewarding hard work--especially when those rewards make it easier to get to work. That's why homeless youth at Stepping Stones love Ride and Thrive.


Ride and Thrive is a simple incentive: homeless youth who make progress each month earn rides with a monthly bus pass for Nashua Transit. With the help of our partners at the Greater Nashua United Way, 11 youth were able to earn bus passes last month, and the results are clear: when Stepping Stones kids know they have access to transit, they accomplish so much more. 

  • Nicole got an apartment

  • Violet, Nicole, and Arya all began certification programs for promising careers

  • Ashton earned his GED and Driver's license

  • Rhett, Teagan, Jackson, and Ashton all got jobs

  • Lucy, Zack, and Haley took online courses


Their schedules are filling up with grown-up responsibilities and they have benefitted greatly from having the freedom to move through Nashua on their own terms. Best of all, they know they earned that right, through persistence and hard work. Positive incentives work! 


Monthly donors to Stepping Stones are called Rock Stars, and with the Ride and Thrive program, there has never been a better time to become a Rock Star. Each bus pass costs Stepping Stones $20. By becoming a monthly $20 donor, you will make it possible for Stepping Stones to provide rides to every homeless youth who thrives.


Become a "Rock Star" monthly donor today.


Ride & Thrive

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