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How much would you pay to not have to sleep here?

Among the dirty needles, broken glass and trash strewn throughout, four homeless young adults slept under this bridge all last winter.  There are a couple of ripped, stained mattresses tossed down, infested with bedbugs, where they try to sleep.


But the worst is the cold. 


The wind whistles through, while they try to stay warm.  When it snows, the snow drifts, covering everything, including them.  Fingers and toes are often on the verge of frostbite.


Four youth spent each night under this bridge last winter.  And each morning, these youth would show up at the door of Stepping Stones.  They would take a hot shower, put on some coffee, grab some breakfast, and try to warm up.


One was off to school for his nursing assistant class, another was off to work, shoveling snow for a little money.  A third was working on paperwork - applying for food stamps, and trying to get copies of her birth certificate and other important records.   The fourth was taking a well-needed nap.  As you might imagine, these youth do not sleep well at night.


At the end of the day, they grab hand warmers, a couple of protein bars and their backpacks, and trudge back out into the cold for another night under the bridge.

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We have to do better.


Right now,

  • An 18 year old youth is sleeping in a tent in the woods while going to college full-time.

  • Another youth is fighting her drug addiction while she is on the streets every night and waiting for a space to open up in rehab.

  •  A third youth is switching between places while sleeping on the floor each night. He is struggling to focus on keeping his mental health appointments, and working on a plan for next steps of his life.

  • Two more are couch-surfing, but will need to leave where they are by the end of the week.  She is 6 months pregnant, and working full-time.

  • Another couple has nowhere to go, since they were thrown out of their house, and he is not yet 18.  They are both in school, and working, but there are no housing options for them.


Will you help?


These youth need the services and support they get at Stepping Stones to help them move forward with their lives.  It is beyond difficult to focus on your future, when you have nowhere safe to go.


For just $5 a day, you can help these youth become self-sufficient adults, so they never have to worry about living like this again.   Will you help these youths move forward with their lives?  Just click here to make your monthly or one-time donation to help these youths leave homelessness behind. 

Together we can help them become self-sufficient adults, so that they will never have to live like this again



P.S.  Our four youth under the bridge from last winter are all safely housed.   But for these other youth, they need a safe place to go right now.  Will you help by making a monthly or one-time gift today?