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Hello fellow traveler,


The rock you found was painted by a young person at Stepping Stones, the only drop-in center for homeless youth in the Greater Nashua area. They are so happy to have a safe place to work on their goals and wanted to bring some extra color on the trails of our area! 


So, what brought you here? Are you walking for our Steptember fundraiser? If so, let us say: THANK YOU! KEEP GOING! YOU’VE GOT THIS! You are a hero for so many young people in need!


If you are just hearing about us for the first time, then welcome! Please check out our website. You can still sign up for Steptember through September 26th and make the steps you’re taking count towards homeless, unaccompanied youth. 


No matter who you are, we’re glad you found this. As we always say, a small step in the right direction could be the most important step of your life. Good luck with your steps!


~Stepping Stones

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