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Stepping Stones Wishlist  Supporting Homeless Youth

Welcome to our dedicated wishlist page! Here, you have the power to make a significant impact in the lives of homeless youth supported by Stepping Stones. Your generous donations can provide comfort, education, and essential supplies to these inspiring young individuals who are facing homelessness.

How Your Donations Help

💕 Educational Support: By contributing educational supplies, you can help homeless youth access the tools they need to learn, grow, and build a brighter future. Your support can open doors to knowledge and new opportunities.


🏠 Safe and Nurturing Environment: Your donations of cleaning supplies enable us to maintain a safe, clean, and welcoming shelter for these resilient young souls. A warm and secure environment is crucial to their well-being and growth.

🍔 Nourishing To-Go Food Items: Providing nourishing meals on-the-go ensures that our homeless youth receive the sustenance they need to stay healthy and focused on their journey to stability.

🔋 General Items like Batteries and Chargers: In addition to educational and food items, we also greatly appreciate general supplies like batteries and chargers, which help us keep essential devices powered and functional for the youth in our care.

👕 Emergency Clothing: Clothing is a basic necessity, and your donations of emergency clothing can provide much-needed warmth and comfort to homeless youth during challenging times.

Explore Our Wishlist

Below, you'll find a carefully curated list of items that will make a significant difference in the lives of our homeless youth. Each item has been selected based on their needs and aspirations. Your contribution, big or small, can bring hope and encouragement to those who need it most.

How to Contribute

1️⃣ Click the link to access our Stepping Stones Amazon Wishlist.

2️⃣ Browse through the items and select the ones you'd like to donate.

3️⃣ At checkout, choose the "Stepping

Stones - Ship to Address" option to send your donation directly to our organization.

Amazon Wishlist

Shop for a variety of items needed at the center from to go dinners to items for youth who get their first apartments

Walmart Wishlist

Donate much-needed items for our youth and the center from cleaning items to snacks


Step-Up Program Registry

Help us furnish the rooms for steps two and three at our new Independent Living program

Spread the Word

Don't forget to share this initiative with your friends, family, and social networks! Together, we can make a difference in the lives of these incredible young individuals.

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Thank You! 

Thank you for being part of our mission to uplift and support homeless youth. Your kindness and generosity truly make a world of difference. Together, we can be their stepping stones towards a brighter and more promising future.

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