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Shop Our Wishlist

Looking for a way to help, but don't want to go out to the stores? 
Here's an easy solution - Shop our Wish Lists.
Just click the links below, and have fun shopping.

 Thanks for thinking of our homeless kids


Pantry Items

Image by Alexander Van Steenberge

* Bottled Water Cases

Breakfast Cereal - Various

Pop Tarts

Cheese &/Or Peanut Butter Crackers

Personal size snack/chip bags

Protein Bars

Clorox Wipes

Swiffer Wet Floor Cloths 

Paper Towels

Toilet Paper

Batteries (AAA/AA)

Phone Chargers/Cord - universal, all types

Charging Blocks

Apartment Needs

open blue door.jpeg

Kitchen Knife Sets - Have 1; Need 4

Flatware Tray - Have 2; Need 3

Baking Sheet/Pans Sets - Have 2; Need 3

Ice Trays - Have 3; Need 2

Mop - Have 1; Need 4

Bucket - Need 5

Broom - Have 2; Need 3

Vacuum - Have 3; Need 2

Plunger - Have 3; Need 2

Tool kits - Need 4

Youth Needs


Thermal Underwear  - Men’s: Tops - S & XL sizes, Bottoms - S & M sizes; Women’s Tops - all sizes, Bottoms - S, L, XL

Underwear - Women’s - size small


First Aid Needs

First Aid

N 100 Face Masks

Nitrile Gloves


Cold Medicine


Hydrogen Peroxide

Calamine Lotion


Hydrocortisone cream

Glucose Tabs / Candy / Juice Box


Blood Pressure Cuff

Pulse Oxygen

** Items in red are priority needs.

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