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 Thanks for thinking of our homeless kids


Pantry Items

Image by Alexander Van Steenberge

Microwavable Campbell's Soups or to go meals

Protein Bars

Hormel Complete Meals

Ramen Noodles - Various Flavors 

Single Serve Snacks and Chips

Swiffer Heavy Duty Wet Cleaning Cloths

Trash Bags - small size for bathroom/office waste

AA & AAA batteries

Disposable Gloves - for medical and cleaning

Toilet bowl cleaner with bleach

Apartment Needs

open blue door.jpeg

Shopping carts for laundry/groceries - Need 5

Small vacuum - Need 1

Laundry baskets - Need 4

Buckets - Need 5

Plunger - Need 1

Tool kits - Need 3

Desk Lamp - Need 1; Floor or Table Lamp - Need 1

Youth Needs


Men’s Sweatpants - S, M, & L sizes most needed

Disposable Razors - priority need

Tents - one person; lightweight

 Bug Repellent - to-go sized

Phone charges/cords - universal for all types


Flash Lights

Travel Size Sunscreen

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** Items in red are priority needs.