Looking for a way to help, but don't want to go out to the stores?  Here's an easy solution - our Amazon Wishlist is updated with all the items we need. Just click the link below, and have fun shopping.
 Thanks for thinking of our homeless kids


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Most Needed Items 

Food - *

This is our greatest need as many kids require convenient foods to bring to work/school or carry with them on nights/weekends. 

  • Hormel "Compleats" Meals

  • Chef Boyardee - All varieties welcome.

  • Chicken Noodle Soup or other soups/stews with pop-off lids

  • Cup of Noodles


  • Underpants/boxers - Men's and Women's All Sizes.  (We are especially low on women's.)

  • Women's bralettes sport/comfort - S, M, L, XL (Style with flexible fit that will suit all body types.)

  • Long Underwear - All Sizes helpful for the coming winter. 

  • Winter hats and gloves - Mens Only 

  • T-shirts (Only need sizes 2X and larger)

  • Umbrellas



  • Stain Sticks for Clothing

  • Bleach

  • Shower Cleaner

  • Trash Bags