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Your gift today will ensure that homeless youth in our community continue to have access to the resources needed to become self-sufficient adults.  Making a monthly financial gift is the most effective way to join us in our mission to support homeless youth in our community. Your funds will go where they are most needed, helping us continue to provide resources to young people on their path to self-sufficiency.

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Become a Stepping Stones Rockstar!

It costs just $5.00 a day to provide a safe, warm place for a homeless youth to get out of the weather, have a meal or grab a shower. A place for them to take advantage of resources to help them take the first steps on path to becoming self-sufficient adults. Become a Rock Star is easy. Just click on the monthly donation tab in the form. Join us in our mission to end youth homelessness? Become a Stepping Stones Rock Star today!

Donation FAQs

Why Donate to Stepping Stones?

Approximately 800 teens and young adults are homeless in Greater Nashua, and Stepping Stones is the only youth-specific drop-in center and transitional housing for them. At the drop-in center, homeless, unaccompanied youth 25 and under address basic needs and plan their way out of homelessness. In Step Up transitional housing, youth live on-site as they master career, education, and independent living skills. Their journey from homelessness to self-sufficiency begins here! Since 2020, more than 150 homeless youth have found the help they need at Stepping Stones. They work hard to get out of homelessness, and that work is supported almost entirely by charitable gifts from individuals and organizations. Stepping Stones supporters create a strong community for these young people to be proud of as they progress towards self-sufficient adulthood. Though their pasts have often been traumatic, with the help of the Stepping Stones community, they start to understand that their future can be different–brighter, more successful, and on their terms.

Where do my dollars go? 

Your charitable contribution will go directly toward the resources that Stepping Stones provides for youth experiencing homelessness right now. Stepping Stones provides shelter, food, clothing, life coaching, workforce development, and access to laundry, showers, internet, mail services, transportation, and more at no cost to the young people who rely on these services. Gifts from people like you allow Stepping Stones to pay these costs. Your donation helps keep them warm on a winter morning and out of the rain during a summer storm; it keeps the lights on for them to study and provides access to a plethora of online resources–training, online classes and exams, job applications, and more. It ensures that safe, reliable role models are there for them whenever they need a knowledgeable adult to offer guidance and support. Your donation means that when a young person needs an I.D. to get a job, or to take an exam so they can finish school, Stepping Stones can cover those fees. Your support means that youth don’t have to feel stuck on one path out of homelessness, but have options for success! Best of all, Stepping Stones is self-sufficiency based. Often, young people need the most help when they first come here, but as they make progress, they start to take on more responsibility. They know your donation is not a hand-out, but just some initial support so they can get to where they want to be: stable enough to do the rest on their own.

Is my donation tax deductible

Yes, Stepping Stones is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization able to receive tax-deductible contributions year-round. Your charitable contribution will go directly toward the resources that Stepping Stones provides for youth experiencing homelessness right now. Our EIN/Tax ID number is 36-4976012.

Are there other ways to give to Stepping Stones

Yes, There are many ways to help youth experiencing homelessness. Volunteer your time. This is one of the simplest ways to help out our cause. We believe the best way for our initiatives to be successful is for the community to actively get involved. Participate in one of our upcoming events. Watch the events page on our website or our social media to see what events we have coming soon. Shop our wishlist. Donations of food, winter items, paper goods, new and gently used household goods, and other essentials make a real difference for our youth and the center. Are you part of a group that is looking to help with a worthwhile project? We have several ways you can help! Spending a few hours with the kids on an art project, baking something in the kitchen, teaching a new skill, listening to the kids, working as a group to purchase needed items such as toiletries, baby supplies, and clothes closet items are all ways your group can help support our youth.

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