Meet Our Youth


Tom had been homeless for 6 years when he came into Stepping Stones.  He had uncontrolled medical issues, and had been arrested for stealing change, so he could eat. He loved to work on cars, but he didn’t know how to get out of his situation and move forward with his life.


When Zack came to Stepping Stones last winter, he was living under a local bridge. He was just 19, had left an abusive home, and had nowhere to go.  

With just a little bit of help, 



On their eighteenth birthday, Addy made the difficult decision to leave home and take their chances on the streets; though this was scary, it was better than continuing to suffer abuse from their family.



Alex’s story sheds light on the all-too common situation where young people are forced out of their homes before they are ready by guardians who do not support their LGBTQ status.

stella 2.jpeg


When Stella first came to us, she had recently been in an accident that totalled her car. Unfortunately, that car also had been her home for several months.



Lily came to Stepping Stones with more losses than gains. She’d lost her family, both those she grew up with, and the new one she’d created. 


Help Us Help Them!

The young people who come into Stepping Stones often find themselves in these situations by no fault of their own. Even though the odds are stacked against them, they are rewriting their stories.

Do You Know A Homeless Youth? 

Are you or is someone you know a homeless teen or youth 25 and under? Do you need help finding resources to meet your basic needs or finding possible housing options? Stepping Stones is here to help.